Earn by Buying and Selling Your Favorite Neta's Shares.

Trade Neta's shares like you trade company stocks. Book profit when their share price increases!

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Do You Understand Indian Politics?

Test your political knowledge, and invest in those politicians who you think will perform the best. As their share price rises, so does your profit!

Keep Politicians Accountable and Alert

A politician's share price is like his or her report card. A high price means good performance but a low price means bad performance. This report card ensures that only the best politicians get elected!


How does a user make money?

If you invest in a politician's share at the right time and its valuye appreciates, you can then sell the shares back into the market at any time to make that profit.

How is the price of a Neta's share determined?

Price is determined by supply and demand. When a politician is in high demand, his share price will rise, and vice versa. The dynamics are the same as that of a regular stock market and are governed by a sophisticated & immutable blockchain-based algorithm.

What happens in case of a sudden demise of a politician?

In that case, your shares will be converted to NFTs of the same value. You will not lose any value due to the sudden demise.

Is this app legal and ethical?

Yes, trading Neta shares is a gamified dynamic to keep politicians accountable and alert. This further ensures that they perform and have a continous report card.

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